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About me


muralist/street artist


I am TakerOne from Hungary. I've been painting for about years now, trying to take photo-realism to the next level. My goal is to avoid that plastic look many photo-realistic paintings have, and go for a more natural, really photo-like result. However, I'm also looking into taking my art, in general, to a next level in a visual sense as well. I'm very lucky to say that I've painted at a couple of very cool places around the world including London UK, New York, Los Angeles USA, Auckland NZ, Ukraine, Israel, also in Spain multiple times, and even in Sri Lanka. I got to take part in a few group exhibitions, although I'm not a big fan of those, as street art belongs to the streets, and every now and then my works have been recognized by the mainstream media. I really enjoy transforming our built environment to a more livable, colorful, exciting place, and I'm happy to say that basically all of the feedback from the people on my works are positive.

Selection of my works

Below you can take a look at some of my favourite works. Click on them for some extra info.
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New York, USA, 2019

Dreamtime Traveler

Ashkelon, Israel, 2019

The Guardian

Mira'Mir Festival
Montcada i Reixac, Spain, 2018

The Fox of Chernobyl

Slavutych, Ukraine, 2018

Iberian Wolf

GarGar Street Art Festival
Penelles, Spain, 2018


Pécs, Hungary, 2018

Marina And The Diamonds

Budapest, Hungary, 2017

Sir Edmund Hillary

Paeroa, New Zealand, 2017

Lili and Bunny

Auckland, New Zealand, 2016

Contact Me

You can send me a message here. If you are enquiring about a possible commission, please be as descriptive as possible.
I will need to know what kind of surface you have, the sizes of it, and what you have in mind to have painted on it.
Alternatively, you can send me an e-mail to takerone@gmail.com